Recycling, Composting & Landfill Diversion Program

The building participates in recycling and composting services consistent with Recology SF’s mandatory ordinance and objective of zero waste by 2020.

Recyclable items include paper products, cardboard boxes, glass, plastic, aluminum cans & foil, to-go coffee cups, molded plastic (clamshells, plastic cups, etc.), milk/juice cartons, aseptic containers and clean, dry, bagged plastic films.

Compostable materials include food scraps, coffee grounds & tea bags, food-soiled paper products such as paper towels/napkins, pizza boxes, wax paper & waxy cardboards and compostable utensils and containers.

Recycling products and compostable waste are hauled-out from the 1B loading dock every week.

425 Market participates in a desk-side recycling program. Tenants separate recyclable materials from trash prior to disposal.

  • Paper, White/Mixed/Newspaper: Each desk is supplied with a blue, recycle bin for use to dispose of mixed recycling. Each desk-side recycling bin is emptied nightly by the janitor. The Building Office provides blue, 28-quart recycle bins for desk use only. Larger bins may be purchased through the Building Office via Building Engines.

  • Aluminum Cans, Bottles, Plastic containers: Tenants are asked to discard these items into a blue recycle bin located at each desk or into a recycle bin located at a central location (i.e., Kitchen or Lunch Room).

  • Cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes should be broken down flat and placed neatly in the freight elevator lobby for pick up. Janitorial labor is billed to the tenant for excessive boxes and packing materials and if not broken down and sorted for pick-up.

  • Compostable items (food trimmings, plate scrapings, meat, bones, fish, dairy products, baked goods, coffee grounds, coffee filters, soiled paper products, paper towels, paper cups, paper plates, waxed cardboard boxes, milk cartons, floral waste, food service ware labeled “Compostable” or showing the PBI logo): Tenants are required to separate compostable items from recyclables and trash by throwing out any compostable items in a lined, green compost bin, so that mixed recyclables are not compromised. Compost bins are located at central locations such as kitchens, conference rooms, lunch rooms or coffee bars. Please note that receptacles lined with compostable liners in all restrooms are for paper towels and compostable items only. Compost bins may be purchased through the Building Office via Building Engines.

  • Wood pallets should be removed by delivery service.

  • Seasonal Cleaning: If you have extraordinary amounts of recyclables, or need to set up special disposal services, need additional recycle bins and larger bins and barrels, please call the Building Office for more information and rates.

  • Computer/Electronic items: The Building utilizes an outside vendor who recycles electronic waste by diverting it from the Building’s waste stream free of charge. E-waste event days are held every quarter for electronic waste items such as computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors, television sets, toner, speakers, printers, adapters, routers, portable music devices etc. Advanced notice of e-waste days will be provided by the Building Office.

  • Special or Over-Sized Item Disposal: Items not able to be disposed of in our building waste stream such as broken furniture need to be removed by an outside vendor such as Recycle My Junk. Tenants may schedule their own pick-up or call the Building Office for more information and rates.

Trash Removal Suggestions

Please do not leave anything on the floor near your trash bin that you do not want discarded. Trash which is too large to be put in a trash bin should be marked "Trash" and placed neatly in the freight elevator lobby. Empty cardboard boxes should be flattened and also placed neatly in the freight elevator lobby. The Building Management Office can arrange for especially large quantities of debris or special removal services. These requests should be entered in Building Engines. Please call the Building Management Office for more information and pricing.

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