Nightly Cleaning

The janitorial staff removes trash, vacuums and dusts tenant suites and other areas of the building. The restrooms are cleaned and re-stocked. The regular maintenance program also provides cleaning of the interior and exterior windows. Requests for additional/special cleaning and extra trash removal should be entered in Building Engines. For emergency clean up (i.e., spills, toilet overflow, etc.), please contact the Building Management Office immediately at 495-7333.

Procuring Special Janitorial Services

Special (above-standard) janitorial services may be scheduled as needed for one-time, weekly or monthly projects. These requests should be entered in Building Engines. Services that are considered “special or above-standard” are those which are not typically provided by the day and night janitors, including but not limited to: partition glass cleaning; refrigerator and microwave oven cleaning; carpet shampooing; phone disinfecting, removal of large quantities of crates and boxes, and any other special cleaning needs. Please call the Building Management Office for more information and pricing.